I hope you give me the honor of serving as your Saguache County Commissioner District 1

Why I am Running

There are common sense solutions to many of the  issues we now face. As commissioner  I will jump start a series of innovations that can build a much more sustainable and equitable future for all our citizens.

We have an opportunity to reimagine the future of the valley. As commissioner I will focus on accountability, community engagement and building a sustainable economy.

Actions speak louder than words. I've been actively  influencing county policies for years. Having owned and operated many businesses, working on multiple accounting platforms, I have the management experience the County needs to operate efficiently. Changing economic and environmental conditions requires innovative solutions.

As commissioner I will focus on accountability, community engagement and building a sustainable economy.


Please join me in working to keep Saguache County a GREAT place to live!


I have lived, worked and been active in Saguache County issues for over 40 years. My wife, Lillian and I currently own and operate Archaic Orchard, a small fruit, herb and vegetable farm near Crestone.  I want to serve as commissioner because I am deeply concerned about a number of vital issues we now face in this county. 

Water is the primary challenge we face. The aquifer is declining, and outsiders want what is left. The Valley’s economy depends on water. As farmers our livelihood has depended on water. In the 80’s I opposed AWDI. I opposed Stockman’s Water in the 90’s, and now I oppose the current manifestation, Renewable Water Resources! The Closed Basin Project is also drawing on the aquifer and there are concerns about the project’s management. I have testified in front of a legislative committee in Denver and have worked with surface water users in Saguache County to protect our water rights! 


While preserving dark skies, clean air, and wilderness, we can promote sustainable green jobs in Saguache County. During my years of forest management, tree planting, food distribution and regenerative agriculture I have created hundreds of green jobs.  Here in the valley we have significant opportunities to add value to our agricultural harvest. We have the capacity to become more energy and food self-sufficient. Other issues which need to be addressed include land use, road maintenance and recycling. My experience working on these concerns motivates me to address them through public service. 


I hope you give me the honor of working for you as County Commissioner 

Vote Tom McCracken for Saguache County Commissioner District 1


E: tom@mccrackenforcountycommissioner.com