Street Cred: 

Actions Speak Louder than Words

During my 40 years as a Saguache County resident I have been an advocate for many issues we have all faced as citizens.  Every time I experienced a challenge in my own life, I found a way to  create solutions that would benefit others facing the same challenges.

As newcomers to the town of Saguache and owning the second Organic farm in the County we experienced discrimination and harassment, so I worked to reform law enforcement.


Sustainable Agriculture eventually became the wave of the future. I advocated for the Organic Industry through the Colorado Organic Producers Association, culminating in the creation of a state sponsored Certification Program. I worked on Holistic approaches to noxious weed control as a member of the Weed Board. I lobbied the Commissioners to stop the introduction of Genetically Modified Organisms into the County. 

I used Civil Disobedience to highlight the disdain shown by certain County employees toward their duties and responsibilities to taxpaying citizens. I objected when the County failed to plow seven inches of snow off Rd. T on Christmas Eve, causing the Sheriff’s Department and Volunteer First Responders to have to respond to multiple accidents. I exposed the issue of a failed recycling program at the Landfill.

I requested that the County require REC to reclaim lands in the Baca they disturbed when laying fiber optic cable. I asked that Water Bars be built on steep roads subject to erosion. I requested a policy be developed to manage vendors using the Crestone Kiosk. 

I have worked hard, attending many meetings to protect Senior Water Rights, Aquifer restoration, and to expose the falsehoods and disinformation used by would be Water Exporters.  I ask that Voters recognize my efforts on their behalf and vote for me based on my credible record of public involvement. 

I  have a long history of innovative leadership. I've gained a wide range of business skills by managing different companies from top to bottom. Farming requires a knowledge of Human Resources, Procurement, Heavy Equipment Operation, Maintenance, Budgeting, Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Transportation. 

I also have managed Forestry Crews living in the woods and have created and managed a large Warehouse and Transportation system in downtown Denver. I have completed many contracts with the Federal Government and have developed Real Estate, becoming familiar with the land use codes. I am well versed in Water Law having transferred water rights across properties and having worked with many water management entities. 

In this uncertain time, let's consider how we can become more food and energy self-sufficient. This is a  foundation we can use to build a more innovative and resilient local economy for all of us.