As we approach the election, I am reaching out to those who supported Lisa and Justin in the primary election. I believe that our policy differences were minor and that we had lot more in common when it came to our ideas and vision for our County.

I ask for your support in the general election so that I can work on restoring the aquifer, protecting our water from outside interests, promoting renewable energy, recycling, and smart, sustainable development.

These and other issues require immediate attention and I will work hard for you as Saguache County Commissioner. Thank you!

Thomas D McCracken

Democratic Candidate for Saguache County Commissioner Dist.#1

Open letter to the Saguache County Commissioners: 10/3/20

If any of you are sitting on the fence about funding the Firewise program operated By Mr. Johnson, I would urge you to fund this program. I met w Daniel on site and inspected his work. I also sat in on a training session he had with his employees. He is providing a high level of training to those employees, to the point they are capable of running their own crews, which could expand the program and really make difference. The work they have done is effective as well as sensitive to the environment and property owners needs. As they say, "a penny spent on prevention...".

Updated: Jul 6

A huge THANK YOU to my supporters that worked so hard to help me win the Democratic Primary race for Saguache County Commissioner Dist. #1. And thanks to those who voted for me across the County. I will work hard to earn your trust.

With gratitude, Thomas D McCracken