• Tom McCracken

Blast from the Past 11/24/18


In March of this year I wrote a letter to the editor which was sent to the BOCC and published in newspapers in the north valley concerning Recycling Issues. After reading the article in the Center Dispatch this week about violations of Colorado law at the landfill, I was filled with a renewed sense of revulsion at the lack of attention to this matter by the BOCC.

My main concern is the lack of any commitment to the recycling program and the level of misrepresentation involved. Citizens have been paying for recycling services that never occurred. Just as I predicted, much of this material will end up in the landfill. Other issues such as the monitoring wells and windblown trash are also very valid concerns that should have been addressed long ago. Where is the accountability of those in charge? Why did the BOCC not oversee R&B and make sure they were compliant?

I agree with Mr. Lovato that landfill services are a necessary part of County services. Transfer stations could substitute as long as recycling is part of the program, but whether you do one or the other it must be done professionally and to code.

Every department of the county should be subject to regular accountability audits and each employee should be reviewed periodically for performance. Department heads that feel tenured are unlikely to perform up to standards that any business would require of its employees.


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