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I am launching this website as a means to communicate to you the issues in our County that matter to me and how my ideas might change things for the better. I hope that you will respond with your feedback and inform me what issues matter to you. I strive to keep an open mind, listening to your ideas as we all grow together in our common goal of keeping Saguache a GREAT place to live and work, while improving the sustainability of our lifestyles and jobs.


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As we approach the election, I am reaching out to those who supported Lisa and Justin in the primary election. I believe that our policy differences were minor and that we had lot more in common when

Firewise Program Funding

Open letter to the Saguache County Commissioners: 10/3/20 If any of you are sitting on the fence about funding the Firewise program operated By Mr. Johnson, I would urge you to fund this program. I me

Primary Victory

A huge THANK YOU to my supporters that worked so hard to help me win the Democratic Primary race for Saguache County Commissioner Dist. #1. And thanks to those who voted for me across the County. I wi