• Tom McCracken


Restoring Transparency and Trust

An issue at the forefront of the conversation about County management is whether the finances are being managed honestly, fairly, and effectively. The fact that two Administrators have quit and raised questions about potential fraud and existing vulnerabilities leads us to ask, why have the Commissioners not addressed this?

Voters must make a choice, who is the most qualified person to address this issue. I believe that I am the most qualified based on my experience dealing with accounting, business management, and real-life situations.

As County Commissioner I will review each department’s records and if discrepancies are found I will bring it to the attention of the BOCC. I will ask that each department provide a complete statement each month and make that available to the public. The way the expenditures are published currently is totally useless. These expenditures must be given context and compared to the budget so people can understand how taxpayer money is being spent.

I have been responsible for the finances of numerous companies and am familiar with at least 4 different accounting programs. I have owned and/or managed Green Earth Forest Ent., Green Earth Farm, Tres Rios Coop, Growers Organic, Archaic Orchard and A’terra Phytotherapy. Some of these businesses involved 30 plus employees and were in located in Denver. As a businessperson one must constantly be vigilant and on the lookout for those who would exploit the system.

Rooting out mismanagement and potentially fraudulent activity is very difficult on many levels. It is hard to acknowledge these issues when it has been status quo and gone unchallenged for so long. In some instances, it can involve friends or family and be very painful. But if people have made irresponsible decisions, they should be held accountable.

I have the commitment and experience necessary to ensure the County’s funds are spent, honestly, fairly, and effectively. Vote Thomas McCracken for Commissioner Dist. 1.


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