My top 5 priorities

1. Protecting our water is top priority.  We cannot allow urban areas to take our water. Further, we also need to take better care of what we have by restoring the aquifer and using our water sustainably. 

2. Creating green sustainable jobs and economic resilience is key.  There are clear opportunities we can easily leverage. Our farmers produce some of the highest quality crops and livestock anywhere but often send those products elsewhere to be processed. Creating value added products with our existing resources will enhance our local economy.

3. We can restore the public’s trust in government. The commissioners have taken some steps toward transparency, but more can be done.  I want to make sure that County Employees know how to use the systems in place and if those systems need change or updates then let's do it. Monthly reports to the commissioners from the various departments should be clear and concise. That information should be available to the public in an understandable way.

4. Our forests provide timber, water sheds and wildlife habitat that can build a wide range of sustainable businesses. I am developing concrete proposals that will allow us to be shovel ready should stimulus or grant funds become available.

5. We live in a place of great natural beauty that needs to be preserved. We can support this beauty by bringing in tourists and educational opportunities that share our values of protecting the environment, our water and our wildlife. 

The more we all work together to generate solutions, the more we build a vital, engaged community for everyone.